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Safer Homes

We are all entitled to feel safe and secure in our homes. Unfortunately home is also the place where accidents are most likely to occur which result in injuries requiring medical treatment.

Every year around 4,000 people die in accidents in the home and nearly three million attend accident and emergency departments seeking treatment. However, because these accidents happen behind closed doors in isolated incidents they rarely attract public and media attention. RoSPA is one of the few national voices speaking out on this issue. As well as campaigning for change we provide a large range of resources for individuals and professionals to inform and educate about keeping safe and preventing accidents in the home and garden.

Home Safety Consultancy

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A team of experts provide advice, information and support to RoSPA members all over the UK.

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  • England +44 (0)121 248 2017
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  • Northern Ireland +443 (0)289 050 1160

Product Advice and Consumer Safety

RoSPA's Product Safety Adviser can help designers and manufacturers to meet their obligations requiring their products to be legally 'safe', thereby reducing their exposure to legal action. This is of great benefit to manufacturers of products for use in the home environment. For more information contact RoSPA on +44 (0)121 248 2017.

Publications for Other Organisations

RoSPA can provide expert consultancy on incorporating home safety information in a wide variety of publications. For more information contact RoSPA on +44 (0)121 248 2017.

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