Family Safety Week 2019

2019 Theme: Child Pedestrian Safety

What’s the problem?

In 2017, 5,838 children aged under 15 were injured in road accidents.

There is a link between growing independence as pedestrians and an increase in road casualties. In 2017, 5,838 children aged under 15 were injured in road accidents.

Peak times for the number of child pedestrians who are killed or seriously injured are the ‘school-run’ periods of 8-9am and 3-4pm.

With many cash-strapped councils being forced to cut the number of road safety officers, fewer primary school children are receiving pedestrian training.

What are we doing?

Evaluation of a pedestrian training scheme in Staffordshire showed an increase in road safety knowledge and demonstration of safe pedestrian behaviours and awareness of dangers.

We believe road safety awareness is a crucial, lifesaving skill and that all children should have pedestrian training. And on top of the road safety benefits, healthy and sustainable travel is vital to the wellbeing of our children and environment now, and later in life.

That’s why we’ve produced a free, practical pedestrian training pack for teachers of children in years 3 and 4 who can’t get access to a road safety officer, to help them deliver training in this vital life skill.

Education is of course just one aspect road safety – we likewise need to ensure that safety is engineered into road design and transport technology (we advocate the Safe Systems approach), and that there is adequate enforcement to make sure that the roads are being used safely. Proper education for drivers and other motorists is also vital. But while RoSPA and our partners are working towards these aims, we’re encouraging teachers, local authorities and parents and carers to do their utmost to teach children the skills they need to stay safe.

Get involved!

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, grandparent or carer, we’ve got free resources that can help you share crucial road safety skills with children. Please use them, share them and tell others about them.

Get social!

We’ll be sharing advice, tips and resources on social media all week, so come and find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please share our posts and let us know if you are doing any awareness raising or pedestrian training during Family Safety Week, using the hashtag #FSW. You can also show your support by sharing our special Family Safety Week social media resources.

Dr Ranj Singh

"Now that he is in his last year of primary school he is desperate to start walking on his own. And the idea terrifies me."

Read more from Catherine Barnfield

Dr Ranj Singh

"With the number of young children being injured and killed on our roads being so high, I believe it’s vital that all children have access to pedestrian training to help them stay safe and enjoy active, healthy lives."
Dr Ranj Singh


Free resources

Find our 2019 new Family Safety Week resources here, plus our archive of past posters, leaflets, videos and activity sheets.


The Green Cross Code

The Green Cross Code has been giving good advice to child pedestrians since the early 1970s, and is as relevant today as it was back then. See how it can help you teach your loved ones to stay safe when crossing the road.

  1. Find a safe place to cross
    • Use a pedestrian crossing if there is one
    • Choose a place where you can see clearly in all directions
    • If an obstacle blocks your view of the road, move to a better place!
  2. Stop just before you get to the kerb
    • Do not stand on the kerb
    • If there is no pavement, stand at the edge of the road
  3. Look all around for traffic and listen
    • Traffic can come from any direction
    • Sometimes you hear traffic before you see it
    • If you hear an emergency vehicle in the distance, wait and let it pass
  4. If traffic is coming, let it pass
    • Never run across when traffic is coming, even if you think there is time. It is hard to judge the speed of traffic
    • Traffic may speed up
  5. When it is safe, go straight across the road – do not run
    • Keep looking and listening as you cross
    • Look out for cyclists and quiet vehicles (electric) as you may not hear them
    • Walk straight across, not diagonally. It is the quickest way across
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Business resources

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