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These new awards recognise individuals, teams and projects that are a source of inspiration and pride, and are worth shouting about.

RoSPA’s awards have long been recognising excellence shown through safety management systems at an organisational level, and more recently – the stand out efforts of individuals in protecting the safety of others.

The Inspiration Awards take this a step further with the introduction of five new awards honouring the efforts of the individuals, teams and projects that make our organisations unique.

Nominations for the below Inspiration Awards categories are free of charge to RoSPA Award entrants who are also entering for an Achievement Award, Industry Sector AwardFleet Safety Award or Leisure Safety Award.

Distinguished Service Award

This historic RoSPA Award makes a return as part of the Inspiration Awards. Each year, the Distinguished Service Award will be given to safety professionals or campaigners who have made a long-term, sustained contribution to improving health and safety. 

Nominations will be reviewed by RoSPA’s judging panel. They will consider the efforts of the individual in not just their immediate workplace, but also their commitment to health and safety improvement to date across their career and wider professional networks.

Health and Safety Team of the Year

There are great success stories of teamwork to be told from within our organisations. Tales of achievement against the odds, nurturing and development of employees, and passion for keeping others safe.

RoSPA are inviting nominations for Health and Safety Team of the year – for which entrants will be asked to lay out the reasons they feel their team is worthy of the accolade. This might include outstanding levels of commitment, standout results, or delivery against difficult targets.  Each submission will be considered within the context that the team is operating, commensurate to the challenges they face, and environment worked in.

Health and Safety Initiative of the Year

Each year, RoSPA Awards assessors read about fascinating, industry leading, innovative solutions to health and safety management. They range from genuine firsts – not seen elsewhere in industry, to SMEs delivering outstanding projects that belie their size and resources.

RoSPA’s panel of industry experts will select the winning initiative or project, using their extensive knowledge of industry best practice – with a view to highlighting the achievements of the winner to aid wider industry learning.

Influencer of the Year

Awarded to an individual who has made the biggest impact in health and safety either at work on in the community in the past 12 months.

In contrast to the Distinguished Service Award – the Influencer of the Year award rewards the efforts of those team members whose dynamism, enthusiasm and positivity has helped them influence others over a shorter period.

RoSPA judges will consider how nominees have influenced those around them – commensurate with their role. For example, a safety administrator who has passionately influenced those working at their site, or a rising star who is influencing networks outside their own organisation.

Pride Award

Genuine safety heroes walk amongst us every day. Their acts of heroism may be derived from being clear headed when responding to a life-threatening situation, passionately campaigning to improve safety outside the workplace, or using their health and safety knowledge to benefit others – far beyond their responsibilities.

The Pride Award represents an evolution of the Archangel Award, and RoSPA invites nominations for the category to honour the stand-out efforts and achievements of individuals whose efforts have had a huge, potentially life-saving impact on the health and safety of others.

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