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RoSPA takes an active role in a number of European projects on injury prevention. Meeting professionals from other countries leads to valuable exchange of information and good practice.

European Child Safety Alliance

The European Child Safety Alliance was launched in 2000 with the ambition to make the lives of children living in Europe safer. Today, more than 30 countries across Europe are working together to reduce the leading cause of death, disability and inequity to children in every Member State in the region - injury.

Our child safety experts from across Europe come from diverse fields and settings, including medicine, public health, psychology, education, engineering and government, to share and advocate for what works in child injury prevention to benefit children and their families.

European Child Safety Alliance website

The European Child Safety Alliance has been a part of RoSPA since January 2011. Prior to that it was hosted by the Consumer Safety Institute in the Netherlands.

The mission of the alliance is to enhance the quality of children's lives through the power of reason, solidarity and compassion. The alliance has six goals.

  1. To influence key decision makers and leaders at the European and national level to commit to address the magnitude of child injury and its prevention in an integrated and comprehensive approach with all relevant sectors.
  2. To support the development and monitoring of child injury action plans at the European and national level.
  3. To advocate for the adoption, implementation and enforcement of child injury evidence-based good practices at the European and national level.
  4. To increase and strengthen the capacity of professionals in health and all relevant sectors to child injury prevention by enhancing awareness, knowledge and skills to address childhood injury.
  5. To influence the quality and quantity of data, research and evaluation undertaken related to child injury and its prevention.
  6. To maintain and enhance the European Child Safety Alliance to be an effective and efficient operation.

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European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (EuroSafe)

RoSPA is a leading member of the European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (EuroSafe). Previously hosted by the Consumer Safety Institute of the Netherlands, EuroSafe is now hosted by UK charity Electrical Safety First.

EuroSafe is a non-governmental organisation, representing organisations and individuals working to prevent injury and to promote safety. This includes policies and actions for promoting child safety, consumer safety, safety for seniors, safety of vulnerable road users, safety in sports and the prevention of violence and self harm.

Members of EuroSafe represent health and safety agencies, research bodies, private sector organisations such as insurance agencies, and civil society organisations, i.e. those who can effectively influence public policies and implement programmes and infrastructures with regard to safety in daily life.

EuroSafe is:

  • A platform: a relaying point for policy makers and injury prevention professionals for exchanging experiences and initiating collaborative actions;
  • An advocate: a professional organisation that organises a constructive dialogue among stakeholders and influences policy agenda’s at European level and in countries;
  • A resource: a source of information and a pool of collective expertise relevant to injury prevention, generated with a view to empower members and partners.

Members of EuroSafe’s board of directors:

  • Chairman: Errol Taylor, RoSPA’s Chief Executive
  • General Secretary: Philip Buckle, Director General of Electrical Safety First
  • Executive Director: Eva Jakobson Vaagland, Managing Director, Skadeforebyggende (Norwegian Safety Forum)
  • Honorary Member: Wim Rogmans, previously General Secretary, EuroSafe

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